Softball Source is the place to find your travel softball results! We are the ONLY place you can find a softball team’s complete record across ALL the tournaments they have played in. New tournaments are added each week!

What Tournaments Do We Work With?

Currently we capture results from: USSSA PGF USFA NSA SFP USA Softball Our data includes ALL tournaments in these sanctions in the state of Florida but we are quickly expanding this Fall to include the entire Southeast.

How Do You Get Your Information?

We use the publicly published results of these tournaments to capture the games. The process for each sanction is slightly different, but all results are updated online within 48 hours of a tournament’s completion.

Where Do You Get Your Team Information?

Teams are created when they play in one of the tournaments we cover. The team’s initial profile is drawn from a variety of public sources including social media. We do our best to work with tournament directors to ensure that we are matching the game results to the appropriate team but because of inconsistency in team names, mistakes are possible. If you see an error please let us know! Simply email us at support@thesoftballsource.com Why Claim My Team? Premium listings give you an opportunity to connect in a positive way with people searching on our website. You can upload a logo, team picture and provide links to social media, etc. Make sure your team makes a positive impression!

Claiming Your Team Is Easy

Step 1: Become a Member: You must be a member before you can claim a team. Click “Sign Up” and follow the prompts to checout.

Step 2: Claim Your Team: Once you are a member search for your team(s) and click the “Claim This Listing” button to start the process.